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Elementary & Middle School Tuition

Uniform shirts and jackets must be purchased directly through Alane Academy.  On average, families should budget $175.00 annually for uniforms fees. 

​​​Alane Academy seeks to enroll students who exhibit academic determination and social responsibility, which leads to the ability to engage in an academically challenging environment. ​ ​

Registration Fee/Book and Supply Fee

Alane Academy requires a $200 book and supply fee which includes workbooks, art materials, all school supplies, agendas, and standardized assessment materials for one year. Families will not be asked to supply any materials or supplies for the school year. ​

Annual Tuition: $​8,980

Payment plans will be created on an individual basis, depending on factors such as date of enrollment and scholarships. ​

Please visit our scholarship tab to apply for a scholarship through Step Up for Students. 

Aftercare Available 2:30-5:00 PM for an additional $60/week

Sample Payment Options

(with SUFS Scholarship)

Most families are eligible to receive a scholarship through Step Up for Students. 

Based on the average scholarship amounts, we've created a sample payment plan.  Families are responsible for the balance after the scholarship is applied. 

See below for an estimated payment plan.

Tuition: $8980

Average Scholarship: $7,700

Monthly ~ $116.36- Monthly tuition is divided into 11 equal installments and is due on the first of each month, July 1st through May 1st.

Weekly ~ $29.09- Weekly tuition is divided into 44 equal installments and is due on Monday of each week.