Intelligent Mind ˖ Active Body ˖ Kind Heart
Welcome to Alane Academy!

We would like to welcome you to our school. It is our mission to provide a hands-on learning environment where an exciting and extremely engaging atmosphere will foster a love of learning.

We recognize that children learn at various paces and through a variety of avenues. Our school offers individualized instruction to meet your child’s needs. We are excited to offer interventions to close gaps in student achievement and enrichment to challenge students and encourage them to rise above standard expectations. Individualized instruction refers to what material the children are learning as well as how they learn the material. ​

We seek students who display exemplary behavior. We believe that excellent character and leadership are equally as important as academics. Character education as well as leadership skills are a valuable portion of our program and are embedded in our daily curriculum. ​

It is our goal for students to be leaders of themselves so they can make educated decisions, solve problems, make choices, prioritize responsibilities, and respect themselves as well as others inside of our classroom and out in their community. ​

We also value the arts; we integrate music, art, and drama into our curriculum. Each day, we strive to help our students to become well rounded, independent, and successful individuals. ​

It would be our pleasure to work with your child. Our program is flexible in that our ideas come from thinking outside of the box but at the same time, based on solid research! We have many invaluable years of experience behind us, and we have invested much time in higher education, National Board Certification, and other professional development. At our school, we bring our best and we would love for your child to be a part of such a wonderful opportunity to grow academically as well as socially.